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Co-Founder, CEO, Salesman, CTO, DevOps, ML/AI Developer, Marketing rep... He wears a lot of hats.

Gaurang is known for cheating on his diet a lot and sounding like GameDunkey
Full Stack Android Developer. Sophomore studying Computer Science at Drexel University.

He is known for not eating vegetables, being extremely picky, and being incredibly good at Smash Bros & UNO.

Gaurang Bham

Mike Mariano

Alex Hung

Brady Emeigh

Jordan Gulbronson

Michelina Taraysuk

Darian Shi

Yash Patel

Alyssa Labitt

Full Stack iOS Developer. Sophomore studying Computer Science at Drexel University.

He is known for being indecisive on where to eat for team lunches, so we naturally have him choose everytime.
User Experience Designer and Brand Manager for Phoodie.

Brady is more into drinks than food, is quite the mixologist!

It's a nice way of saying that he's not 100% human, but 99% Starbucks.
User Experience researcher at Phoodie.

Michelina has a dog named Truffles but ironically she hates eating mushrooms. Everyone else on the UX team loves mushrooms, in other words, she simply can't be trusted.
Co-Founder and Chief Design Officer of Phoodie.

Jordan is known for once eating 3 boxes of CheezIts in a single sitting. Afterwards we didn't hear from him for like... 2 weeks.
Backend Developer Co Op studying Computer Science at Drexel University.

Darian is the only member of the team to be onboarded entirely virtually. We'll have some embarrassing food facts about him... eventually.
Digital Marketing Specialist and Event Coordinator.

Alyssa is known for liking pepperoni... a little too much.
Backend Developer and Information Architect for Phoodie.

Yash is known for owning 4 birds named Shyam, Yogi, Pepe, & Ram that chirp a lot during stand up meetings! He also loves Maggie Noodles, which his birds try to steal.

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