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For Restaurants

Pick Up, Delivery from a local company you can trust

Easy to use app

- Keep track of orders for takeout and delivery
- Manage your restaurant profile and menu seamlessly
- Receive discount suggestions to increase sales (Coming Soon)

Free Delivery

- Powered by local delivery giant, Habitat, have all your delivery orders fulfilled at absolutely no cost to the restaurant.
- 0% commission on all orders through of the COVID-19 State of Emergency
- We won't ask for a dime until Philly Restaurants are at 100% Indoor Dining Capacity

No Commitment

No contracts. Cancel anytime for whatever reason. Its that simple

For Phoodies

Support your local Phaves

Save Philly Eats!

Apps like UberEats, GrubHub and DoorDash charge 30-40% per order to your favorite restaurants. Thats on top of the ridiculous 'service fees' they charge you! Keep restaurants afloat during the Pandemic by ordering from us!

Takeout. Delivery. No Problem.

Phoodie is the app for, well, Phoodies! Use our slick iOS app to order takeout from the best spots in town or delivery in under 30 minutes. No hidden fees, no compromises!

Save money with Dynamic Discounts
(Coming Soon)

Strolling through a new part of town or on your way to and from work or class?

Our dynamic discount platform provides you with an incentive to check out more of your local spots, and rewards you for doing so!

It makes so much sense. Why am I being charged 30% commission when UberEats doesn't even do much for me!?

James Lee

Mad Greek's Pizza

Its great that customers can finally be notified for discounts that I want out there! It saves me time and brings in more customers!

Jimmy Gouliaberis

Drexel Pizza

“It brings in customers without me having to do anything.
I love that!”

Ephream Seyoum

Dahlak Paradise

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